The sound of the sea

The sound of the sea. Her soft nourishing melody. Today she is calm, quiet and subtle in her messages. On other days she roars, screams and sends powerful waves to engulf anything in her path. Every morning as I pull up to thecoastline to stare across the immensity of my greatest friend– I feel a sense of anticipation to enjoy the surprise of her offering on this new day. Every moment she is changing, shifting and evolving. 

My favorite thing about her– waves.

Through dancing on waves I’ve learned some very valuable lessons about life. About the ebb and flow– the give and take. And learning to appreciate every moment of this gift that is life. 

It’s so crazy to reflect on where waves come from. They are so mystical, unique and fleeting. Each crashing wave a mere second, a burst of energy before returning back to the collective. What a surreal experience to ride a wave. 

When we surf waves, we are experiencing a pulse– a ripple of energy that has often traveled thousands of miles to reach shore. We get to drop in and connect with this powerful  energy during the apex of its life– that very moment where it joins with the land, breaking and becoming nothing yet everything all over again. Every wave is an opportunity, one that only lasts for a matter of seconds. And no two waves are ever the same. 

Surfing has taught me how to be humble. How to say thank you to life and watch the way my appreciation is rewarded. Nowadays I always take a moment to offer my gratitude as a prayer before I paddle out. I understand this gift is a privilege and must be honored in such a way. On less mindful days, she has certainly showed me when I need an ego hit and an attitude adjustment. She has held me down on shallow reefs, spun me around and spat me back out. She has taken my breath away and filled my head with water– reminding me to return with a kind heart.  

Surfing has taught me how to take chances– how to trust myself and take a leap of faith into the unknown. It has showed me that we have two choices in life: to live in fear and never know what lays on the other side– or to trust and take a leap of faith with hope of a positive outcome. It has shown me how practice and dedication is rewarded. 

The ocean is such a humbling playing field. It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor or a five year old kid off the streets– we are all the same out on the water. 

She is cleansing, healing and rejuvenating. I’ve sought her solace during the most challenging times in my life. And it doesn’t matter how scattered and wild my emotions may be– she always brings me back to a sense of equilibrium. She is my lover, my teacher, my best friend, and my greatest addiction. 

I have sincere and gnarly withdrawals when I am away from her. Being a Pisces and a child of the sea, I’ve come to accept that the ocean isn’t a hobby for me– it’s a way of life. While I can love and appreciate the mountains, after one week I feel this itch inside my skin that I can’t scratch. It’s this deep longing, like that for a lovers touch. 

I will always return to her. She is my teacher, my lover, my healer and my best friend. She has been the greatest constant in my life from the beginning.

And this was my purpose for founding Sundah Surfers– to share the magic of the sea with others. To inspire beautiful souls from around the world to glide across her gentle waters into a state of peace. Yoga can be so many things. For me the greatest practice of “yoga” is simply being present and in adoration of life. Nature has the gift of lifting our hearts into this state of being. And this is my hope– that others may fall in love with the sea as a way of healing and bringing balance into their own lives. I believe that when we love the ocean, we will all take greater action to protect her. She is the lungs of our planet– lets keep both ourselves and her flowing and enjoying long deep and fulfilling breaths.  

From my heart to yours. Sending lots of love and tropical vibes. 

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