Santa Teresa · Mal Pais



Melt into a nurturing state of complete relaxation and opening.

We will move through a series of postures targeted to deeply restore and rebalance the body. Postures are held passively for long periods of time to create sustainable opening of the connective tissue of our bodies (fascia). 

If you feel a lot of tightness or tension in your body, this is the class for you.

Expect to leave feeling calm, refreshed, and like you just received a massage. 


A more fiery practice of linking breathe and movement.

Although my teaching style is always quite deep and slow— this practice focuses on building heat, balance, and focus. Observe your body and mind as we discover freedom through movement.  We will build heat to focus the mind, challenge ourselves, try new things and restore with a watery deeply relaxing series of deep stretches. 

If you are wanting to find a nice complement to your surfing practice, improve your balance,  and overall connection to your body— this is the class for you.


*Private and group yoga sessions are available upon request.

*Bookings available in the comfort of your hotel or villa. 


Personalized Yoga Sessions
75 mins – $85 includes up to 3 people.
Each additional person $20


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