Maya DeGabrielle

Visionary, Yoga Teacher, Retreat Facilitator, Paddle Boarder, and Lifetime Surfer

Welcome to the Sundah family!

I am Maya— your guide and your adventure buddy.

My purpose of founding Sundah Surfers is to create a community of likeminded people who love and respect the sea. From a young age, the ocean has been my home. She is my greatest teacher, play ground, and joy in life.

I truly believe that spending time in the ocean makes you a better person. It has this natural way of bringing our lives into perspective and reminding us that we are a part of the whole. Whether its riding a wave or simply enjoying a sunset from the sea— the allure of the ocean’s melody quickly guides us into our unique flow state. Its a space of pure presence where there is no mind, only connection to the moment.

Another blessing in my life is the ancient practice of yoga. Its a practice of showing up for ourselves and each other while exploring balance and flexibility in the body and mind. Its teachings guide us to stay present, enjoy the moment, and live life with purpose. As a devoted yogapractitioner and teacher, I carry its wisdom with me, inspiring mindfulness on water.

My hope is that people will connect with the way we appreciate, respect, and celebrate life through nature. Sundah Surfers encourages others to seek clarity through the magic and healing powers of the sea. We ensure that our clients return home with a lifetime skill to integrate into their lives as a way to play, connect, and find balance. As a Sundah client, you will be given the greatest tool of free therapy, all you have to do is paddle out.

With love and Pura Vida.


Tavo (aka Mowgli)

Surfer, Wave Guru, Aqua man, Teacher, Paddle board enthusiast


Welcome to the jungle! I’m Tavo, your local guide to the secrets of the Nicoya Peninsula. 

I’m an adventure enthusiast who thrives on discovering new places, experiencing wild nature, surfing big waves, and the greatest of them all — chasing swells. 

I love everything about waves. How they form, where they come from, and how they react when they reach each coastline. 

Dancing and playing on waves is my greatest passion. It reminds me to find joy in the simple things in life, and to seek answers to life greatest questions through spending time in nature. 

I love sharing my knowledge of the sea with others. Over the years, I have taught thousands of people of all ages how to surf. It gives people a sense of confidence and connection to life that is unexplainable. 

Here in Costa Rica we have an expression called “pura vida” that has become a pillar in the way I live my life. Directly translated it means “pure life.” Its about surrendering to the ebbs and flows of life and learning how to paddle hard for opportunities and ride effortlessly the waves of inspiration. 

While I spend most of my time coaching and teaching surf; I can often be found guiding paddle board tours alongside my partner, Maya. 

Whether you have spent your life on the water or are new to all forms of ocean play, trust that you will be in safe hands with Sundah Surfers. 

Sending lots of good vibes and pura vida spirit your way.